NinjaLine 30' Pro Combo Kit - 7 Obstacles

Ninjaline® is designed for versatility. Set up your 7 hanging obstacles in any arrangement you want, or use as a slackline for hours of added fun and training.

Ninjaline pro kit includes:
  • 36ft slackline webbing with ratchet included
  • 2 x Ninja Cones
  • 2 x Ninja Pipes
  • 3 x Ninja Balls
  • Ninjaline Carrying bag
  • 12 sewn sleeves keep delta safety clips in place.

Ninjaline Features:

  • Train like a ninja warrior
  • Create your own backyard training system
  • Excellent for building forearm & Upper body strength
  • Build core & overall strength, and increase self confidence
  • Can be used for beginners, intermediate and advanced training
  • Convenient and portable. Take to the park or on a camping trip.

Max Weight: 250Ibs, 113 Kg

Ages : 5+ (with adult supervision)

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