Skool Plus

Young children are active learners, they use their bodies to explore and experiment.? They are also sensory learners, they develop their sensory and motor skills through their environment and through exploration.

Activities requiring total body involvement are likely to encourage problem solving. Children that are challenged with objects and obstacles use their bodies to learn about themselves as they work with others. They develop their personal, social, and emotional skills in a meaningful way, understanding more about the world around them.?

During the most crucial periods of childhood, what a child feels about him or herself is largely dependent upon what he thinks he can or cannot do with his body.? Therefore, to encourage confidence Skool Plus continues to develop educational toys which will provide children with unlimited knowledge.

Over the years our products have developed and changed, but our commitment to quality has not. Our focus has been expanded to include sensory development, spatial awareness, coordination tools, social skills, and beyond.? Most importantly, our educational toys are designed to fit the needs of all children. We welcome you to see what Skool Plus has to offer.