Since 1999 Plastwood is encouraging hands-on play, exploration, and discovery with fun, educational toys.

As the creator of Supermag, the original magnetic construction toy, the manufacturer have always focused on providing only the highest quality, safest products that help children of all ages develop their desire to create, build, learn and play.




SuperMaxi from Plastwood Italia, is the latest innovation on magnetic construction toys for children of 3 years and up. With its new larger rods children can experience flexibility and simplicity of building, all in total safety. Its magnetic components are very easy to assemble, allowing children to free their imagination creating objects and structures of any size.

SuperMaxi is available in 7 different size boxes, each with a combination of multicolour magnetic rods and metal spheres. The Magnetic rods come in two different sizes for higher precision and greater play-value. Built structures are very stable and solid, yet very easy to take apart and rebuild, guaranteeing hours of creative fun. The range comes in two different assortments; CLASSIC or with WHEELS.

Kliky is the new magnetic preschool line, designed to perfectly fit small children's hands. Kliky introduces them to the wonder of magnetic constructions and is 100% save.
The square and triangular plates have embedded magnets that attract the oversize rod connectors, allowing children to create simple yet unique constructions. Bright colours and magnetic connection parts make this a truly unique preschool play experience.
The Kliky line includes different sets with various combination of parts, colours and themes. Additionally the Kliky Go sets contain turning wheels, adding dynamism and movement to the whole building experience.



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